Mind Your Manners Monday :: Guest Comfort

A large part of planning your event is considering the comfort of your guests. Yesterday BRIDES​ highlighted some guest pet peeves that might shed light on things you haven’t considered. http://goo.gl/nf6DdZ

A couple additional items we recommend being mindful of are:
(1) Childcare or Kid Friendly Activities
If you are choosing to have an adults only reception, it is nice to offer childcare or have recommendations for those families that may be traveling with their children. Having to find a sitter in a new city can be very overwhelming for parents, especially if they are new parents.
If you choose to include children in your celebration, consider providing games or activities to keep them busy. Wedding Day iSpy is a great option for kids of various ages. You can also provide them with disposable cameras for them to take photos around the reception.

(2) Cooling options during warm weather
If you are hosting your ceremony and/or reception outdoors, be sure to consider the comfort of your guests. Here are some suggestions to keep them cool:
:: Program Fans – Programs that serve as fans are a great way for guests to cool themselves at their seats.
:: Cooling Station – Providing misting water bottles & cool towels can be a great way to greet guests as they are arriving to your ceremony or cocktail hour. They can spend the rest of the night feeling refreshed for the celebration.
:: Umbrellas – Providing guests shade prior to being seated for the ceremony or while enjoying the cocktail hour can be a great way to make each portion of the celebration more enjoyable.

Please let us know if you have others to share!

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