Mind Your Manners Monday :: Guest RSVP Etiquette

I received a call from a good friend/bride this past week regarding her upcoming wedding and inspiration for this post. She is currently receiving RSVPs for her wedding and a couple things have come up:

  1. No name on the RSVP card
  2. Guests adding uninvited guests to their RSVP

As a guest it is imperative that you know the appropriate etiquette for RSVPs. First, always reply within a timely manner to the invitee(s). Second, be mindful of who the invitation was addressed to, it is not appropriate to add guests that were not listed on the invitation. Third, always make sure to include all the information requested on the card (i.e. name, meal choice, etc). These helpful pointers will make this process much more enjoyable for the couple.

{coming next week: helpful pointers for couples when creating RSVP cards}

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