Mind Your Manners Monday :: Bridal Party Duties

I have had a lot of bridesmaids/groomsmen ask what their responsibilities are for weddings. So here is a general breakdown of what to expect when you are asked to be in the bridal party:

  1. Pay for attire & accessories
  2. Arrange & pay for transportation and accommodations
  3. Be timely and communicate regarding your travel plans and your attire
  4. Arrive on time to wedding activities, rehearsal, wedding, etc.
  5. Give a gift to the couple or contribute to a group gift with the bridal party
  6. Help the couple with any and all things they may need
  7. Be courteous to guests and bridal party

Keep in mind the average cost of saying “yes” to standing up with the couple is $1,500.00. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts with specific details for each role & keep the questions coming!

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