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This week we continue our Friday Feature with Mallory and RJ. When you meet these two you cannot help but love them. We can hardly believe two months have passed since they said “I Do” at Sanctuary Resort. With their wedding happening recently, the memories of their day are fresh, and we are thrilled to share an inside peek at their perspective of the planning.

What were your immediate thoughts when you saw each other for the first time (i.e. first look)?
MALLORY: RELIEF! I was so much more nervous than I thought I’d be that day. I’m glad we did a “First Look” so I’d have time to calm down before the ceremony – I felt immediately at ease once we were finally together.
RJ: Obviously excitement and nervousness leading up to seeing her and then in awe of how beautiful she looked when I finally did. Everything was perfect from her hair to her dress, way more than I could have expected.


Any funny memories you’d like to share from your wedding celebration (before/during/after)?
MALLORY: There are so many but one of my favorite memories from our wedding were the surprise entrances from our bridal party. They’d decided minutes before the reception that there would be a competition between the couples as to who would have the best intro. One bridesmaid was spun around (they did a lift and everything!), one couple “dabbed” and I’m pretty sure my friend gave my brother a piggyback ride.
RJ: I’m typically not a dancer, I hate dancing actually. But, that night you couldn’t get me off the dance floor. I have no idea what came over me but I was having such a crazy great time and had so much energy I didn’t want to stop!

What songs did you pick for your ceremony and why?
MALLORY: We really didn’t want anything typical and each song needed to be significant to us (and still wedding appropriate). Here’s what we chose: Processional – we love 90’s rock so we chose Smashing Pumpkins “Today” but a version by the Vitamin String Quartet…instantly acceptable for a wedding! Bride’s Processional: Christina Perri “Penguin” – check out the lyrics, BYOKleenex. Recessional: The Cure “Just Like Heaven” because we couldn’t figure out how to make this our first dance without having a Silver Linings Playbook moment.


What songs did you pick for your reception and why?
MALLORY: We actually had a tough time with this because we loved so many songs! We ended up choosing Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” for our first dance. We’re both kind of old souls, it was perfect.
RJ: Growing up as a kid I always loved Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, it’s not typical to hear at weddings, but it is a classic song in its own way. To me, it screams fun, energy and excitement and I really pushed to have that as our grand entrance song. Mal refused as I’d expected because what girl would want to hear Metallica on her wedding day. But, she’d actually been planning all along to surprise with it. I was shocked and over joyed and really appreciated that she went through the trouble of keeping that secret from me for an entire year. Totally was a cherry on top of the night.

Any advice you’d like to share with other couples planning their big day?
MALLORY: Make as many decisions by yourselves as possible. We had several “too many cooks in the kitchen” moments until we figured out that in the end, it was what we wanted that truly mattered. Same goes for the wedding dress – I was persuaded to buy one I wasn’t in love with. On Andrea’s advice, I decided to take another look and went shopping completely alone. Trying on dresses without friends and family made it easier to listen to my inner voice and ultimately I picked something much more my style. Trust yourself!
RJ: To be honest, there’s not much a guy can do when it comes to planning. We know nothing about this stuff. The only place where I felt I could be valuable was supporting my soon to be wife. I had no idea how much went into a wedding and at times it caused a lot of stress for her and our families. I couldn’t make decisions for her (who are we kidding, we’re not making any decisions here guys) but what I could do was support her decisions and take her side if ever there was a difference of opinion. Be the rock. And don’t procrastinate on tasks they give you. I learned that the hard way.


When you think back to your wedding day, what are three words you would use to describe it?
MALLORY: Over the moon!


A huge thank you to the vendor team that came together to make their day happen. Every detail was perfect and you were all a dream to work with!
Beauty :: Pooja Mehta
Cake :: Classic Cakes & Confections
Cinema :: The Story is Told
Entertainment :: Desert House Productions
Officiant :: First Officiant
Photographer :: Jane in the Woods
Stationery :: Vee Creative
Venue :: Sanctuary on Camelback

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