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Happy Friday all! We are so excited to bring you the story of Julie + Ryan, whose big day this past October left us swooning over them and their cobblestone villa wedding. With the desert mountains towering between the manicured lawns and cotton-covered gray skies, we fell in love with the warmth and old-world intimacy offered inside the walls at Silverleaf. It was the perfect setting for our jet-set couple! But the desert views were no match to our bride and groom. These two and their families are some of the sweetest people we have ever had the opportunity to work with. Their hearts and smiles truly made everyone around them feel like family and left us so grateful for the opportunity to work with them. 

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:: What were each of your thoughts the night before the wedding?
R: I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly and that all of our guests had a great night.  I was nervous, but only because of something not going as we had planned.  I was very excited for the big day to finally be here, after preparing and working on it for almost a year, it was time to get married and celebrate.
J: I can’t believe it is TOMORROW! I had waited so long to marry this man. I was so excited to spend time with our family and best friends whom we didn’t get to see often. I couldn’t wait to see Ryan and talk to him and kiss him :). In Romania we spend SO much time together that I just couldn’t wait to see him and have this special experience in front of God, family and friends.

:: Aside from your “I Do’s”, what is one moment you will never forget about your wedding day?
R: I have a couple.  I will never forget seeing Julie for the first time in her wedding dress and how beautiful she looked.  I will never forget the note and the gift that she gave to me and that her sister delivered to me.  I will always remember the ceremony and a couple of things that our rabbi did, especially taking a Selfie with us and our guests in the background, and him telling me to look at Julie during our vows, not him.  Lastly, I will never forget dancing the Horrah with my friends at the reception.
J: I will never forget rounding the corner to see Ryan. He was SO handsome!! I also was so emotional when I saw my dad. My dad had prayed with my every night when I was a little girl about my husband and my wedding day. We had such a special moment together before the ceremony.

:: What were your immediate thoughts when you saw each other for the first time (i.e. first look)?
R: I thought Julie just looked so elegant, beautiful, happy and just radiant.  I could tell that this was easily one of the happiest days of her life and the happiest I had ever seen her.
J: I couldn’t believe this was it. He was going to be my husband. Holding Ryan’s hand and knowing this man would be my forever was so special.

:: Any funny memories you’d like to share from your wedding celebration (before/during/after)?
R: I think my funniest memories on the wedding day were from the ceremony with our Rabbi, who really did a great job of making our ceremony lighthearted and fun.
J: Agree with Ryan. The Rabbi told Ryan that he needed to look at me instead of looking at the Rabbi when saying his vows. It was funny.

:: Any advice you’d like to share with other couples planning their big day?
R: Have fun, enjoy the day as much as you possibly can and not to worry about the little things.  Everything will be perfect in the end.
J: Ryan put it perfectly. Everything will be perfect in the end.

:: Did anything surprise you about the process of planning your wedding?
R: That it went a lot smoother than expected.  Once we had made the major decisions, like the date, the venue, the band and photographer, it was pretty easy after that filing in the other things.
J: It was SO easy with Andrea. If you have a good relationship with your mom and she wants to help, let her do it! My mom and Andrea worked so well together and it took a lot of stress off my shoulders.

:: What songs did you pick for your ceremony and why?
R: Our ceremony ended with the song “Wake Me Up” by the DJ Avicci, and we did this because we wanted something different, fun and upbeat.  Julie and I really like DJ / Dance music, and this was a song a lot of our friends would recognize.
J: I picked music that is more modern as it is just who Ryan and I are. Our ceremony was traditional but I liked the idea of having hints of modernism being played by the string quartet.

:: What songs did you pick for your reception and why?
R: Julie will give the specific songs, but we tried to pick songs that would be really fun for people of all ages to dance to.
J: We had a mix of pop music and Motown. I wanted people on the dance floor the entire time. Music was so important! When the band played they focused on Motown. When they had a break they would play sets of personalized music picks I chose. Mostly pop music that you can’t help but dance to. The last 30 minutes was purely dance music from various DJ’s Ryan and I liked. This was also one of my favorite parts.  A lot of people had left but the few at the end were our best friends. Dancing in a circle laughing and rejoicing in our marriage was so amazing. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic day.

:: When you think back to your wedding day, what are three words you would use to describe it?

  1.  Greatest night ever.
  2.  Magical beyond words.
  3.  Exceeded all expectations.  
  4.  Relive it daily.    

J: Ryan couldn’t have said it better 🙂

The talented vendor team that made their big day happen:
Cake – Ruze Cake House
Ceremony Entertainment – Four Seasons String Trio
Florist – Flower Bar
Hair & Make-up – Scarlett Iaccino
Photographer – Melissa Jill (Associate Photographer: Janelle)
Rabbi – Rabbi Jeremy Schneider
Reception Entertainment – Mancini the Band
Specialty Linens – La Tavola Fine Linen Rental
Venue – Silverleaf Club

Cannot wait for you two to get back to the states!

xo, Andrea

2 Comments on Friday Feature :: Julie & Ryan

  1. Jan Becker
    May 14, 2016 at 3:22 PM (4 years ago)

    Yes it was magical day. Julie and Ryan were radiant and handsome and fun all wrapped up in a bow. Working with Andrea was just great. She was easy to communicate with and thorough and confident. Her time line was spot on!!! She helped direct with grace and style.
    We had a Wonderful Day!!!!

  2. Wayne Becker
    May 14, 2016 at 4:15 PM (4 years ago)

    This is Julie’s Dad. I would agree with Ryan and Julie’s comment about working with Andrea. She took control when it was needed and relaxed her control when it wasn’t needed. This was very helpful to Jan and me. Andrea’s professionalism and her display of respect to all participates in the wedding party could not have been more. Her smile and attention to detail was so comforting. Thanks Andrea, your leadership made the day.
    Thanks Wayne


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